What tips can you use to play Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle?

The first thing you need to understand before playing the game is that there are 5 different class types and that characters in the Dragon Ball Legends Cheats are classified into either of these. From the level of their strength, we have PHY then INT then TEQ followed by AGL, STR and finally PHY. If you really want to have an advantage, it will do you a lot of good to remember this class and which category is the strongest. Just in case you forget, you should be able to find them at the right corner of your screen when you start the battle.

The other import aspects we will look at is the chess board where the actual battle takes place. Of course, you are expected to move from a sequence of steps like from a step one all the way to step six. This is however done randomly, you do not have to follow any sequence. You might have to note that along the way, there will be items that you can acquire or simply just pick, various battles for you to fight and some interesting roadblocks for you to avoid.

The capsules colored blue are mainly for support which means you can be able to get some hp recovery as well as reduce your opponent’s battle defense. You can also use this capsules to change the KI color. The ones labeled red are more of a training capsule. You can use this if you want to ante up your characters. It’s very interesting how the purple colored ones contain medals that you use to awaken your chosen character. There is a random key that is given which is indicated as a power-up icon. It apparently increases your character’s KI. Since they give it at random, perhaps it wouldn’t be best to really rely on this one.

A question mark sign is a gamble as it is a random event that could either get you anything that you want or could seriously give you some damage.  This are just some of the few items you should be aware of