Types of the floor jacks


If you have the floor jack for your own business, then the information will help to that we are discussing. We know that a floor jack can take the complete weight of our cars. It has made with the aluminum or metal. As we know that our technology has become more advanced with this, there are various gadgets available for the daily use. The best floor jack is one of them that is an important tool, and you can see this in every car or garage. In the garage, there are lots of the cars for the repairing. The tool helps in the lifting of them.


  • There are many kinds of the best floor jack, and their work is different. Mainly there are three types of the floor jacks for example
  • Hydraulic floor jack
  • Bottle Jack
  • Scissor Jack
  • The hydraulic floor jack tool is demanding a tool that is available in every garage. Most of the diyer prefer this tool to make their work great and faster. The faster working saves their time. There is a trolly jack and comes with the sets of wheels. The use of the jack is very easy because we have an option to load heavy things. The product has the cylinder in it and hydraulic fluid. When we push the handle, it compresses the air by this the jack rise from the floor.
  • Bottle jack comes with the various sizes, and they also have a cylinder of the hydraulics. It is similar to the hydraulic jack. The bigger benefit of this tool is that the size of the tool is compact. It works in the higher ground clearance. The shape of the floor jack looks like a bottle that’s why its name is bottle jack.

Scissor Jacks

This type of the jack is not able to lift the heavy weight and this it is not heavy duty floor jack. The machine is easy to carry and small from others. There is a lead screw to lift the cars. You should use this tool in the emergency or lightweight task.

So we have discussed about the types.


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