Top 3 In-game currency of Dragon city

Top 3 In-game currency of Dragon city


Dragon City is an authentic game where the dragons play an essential role. It means the player needs to collect the dragons for making the dragon city. Moreover, the gamer will get the chance to explore the place and enjoy with the dragons. The user needs to give the breed to the dragons and combine the ten dragons to come up with legendary dragons.

Try to show some creativity in decorating the city with buildings. It is an online gaming platform where the player can compete with the other players. However, if you want, then you can invite friends for making a perfect team. Try to collect the currency at higher rate but if it is not possible then take a use of Dragon City Hack.



The gems are an essential currency of the game, and it is tough to earn. A player needs to complete the entire task and collect the number of gems. Moreover, one can receive the gems by clearing the level to another one. It is a kind of central aspect which is used for several upgrading sections.


Gold is a premium currency of the playing aspect, which is used for buying and upgrading the dragons for several elements. Most of the users always try to buy the gold from real money, but one can use cheats and hack.


Food is also essential for the dragons to survive in the game. Through the menu, a dragon grows up an also help in boosting the number of dragons. The food is needed when the dragons complete the level. There is only one way to earn get the food by farming.

So, these are the three main currencies of the game that a player needs to collect. Through the playing section, you can easily manage the currencies but spend it wisely.

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