Tips and Strategy for Beginners in War Dragons!

War Dragons is a visually stunning 3D real-time strategy game. You can also control the dragon army. Pocket gems published it and released date on June 2015. If you are in search of any dragon game, then it is the best place.

 War Dragons brought for you some exciting features and exclusive background. One thing you should keep in mind that, don’t give any chance to your opponent. Otherwise, they may know your player’s weakness. Let’s discuss some basic features in the following paragraphs.

Mandatory Features – Before you start the game, players have enough knowledge about War Dragons, so that they can’t beat from their opponents.

1. Warrior Dragons are your Tanks – There are three main dragon classes in War Dragons such as hunter, sorcerer, and warrior. Each has its weakness and strengths. You always have to know which dragon you use in battle time. In details, most of the players use a warrior dragon because it is very useful.

Warrior Dragon – When you come across a difficult island then you always sending warrior dragon because it is very skillful and having excellent abilities in War Dragons. Of all three classes, warriors are the most durable.

2. Always spend the Currency on Useful Things – Gamers have to know about resources if they want to move further in War Dragons. If players want to reach certain levels, then they only use rubies. On the other hand, if any gamers want to buy any premium items, then you can use gold coins.

Final Words

Conclusion, I hope newcomers can easily understand all the information as mentioned above because it is essential for them.